Kai Takeshima is a Japanese-Canadian furniture designer based in Montreal, Quebec. Heavily influenced by japanese pragmatism and scandinavian aesthetics, his designs explore the balance between functionality and simplicity. As an emerging designer, he aspires to re-think an object's function in the context of rapid technological advancement.  

As a designer, I believe we must be more thoughtful and critical behind our reasons to create. When the function of an object is no different now than it was generations ago, one’s desire to dedicate time and resources in order to bring forth a design only superficially altered must be met with the question of necessity. I believe indulgent self-expression has caused much redundancy.

General inquiries, custom orders, and estimates: info@kaitakeshima.com

Visit by appointment only: 720 - 5333 Casgrain, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1X3 Canada